I describe myself as a modern-time graceful visual storyteller. Yet 'they lived happily ever after' to me is not only a classic fairytale ending but an 'in real-life' beginning.



Eventually, I established a wedding photography brand in Portugal with only a goal at heart: to create images of Love in moments, places and with people in the most artistic and meaningful way. Since then, I have worked with more than 300 couples from all over the world. I'm astonished that I can remember special moments of every wedding I have photographed. I can only justify this by how each wedding is unique to me.

During this journey in Portugal, I was blessed with encountering true Love myself. I met someone who is the Love of my life, with whom I've fallen madly in Love and is the best man I could dream of.

At the same time, my photography career reached a new high, as it made me resonate with the emotions I'm used to capturing. It unlocked a new level of the importance of family, union and celebrating Love with your beloved ones. We now have four children and two dogs. My husband is Italian, making Italy my third 'home' country and bringing additional layers of inspiration, colours and culture to my life. That and the Love for pasta, of course!

photo by Ha Nguyen

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‘Subtly, photography is how I practice being grateful for life, aware of my feelings, and in touch with life's experiences. It is how I pray and celebrate the beauty of creation.’



‘My heart expands in each and every picture I take.’

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